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INQUIREhealthcare provides objective medical quality, cost and safety information that's easy to understand and use. Our mission is to help you make informed care decisions—and unleash the power of American consumer-patients to drive meaningful change to our health care system. 


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  • health care laws that put patients first
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30 cents of every dollar spent on U.S. health care is wasted, about $750 billion a year

Health care is 18% of the U.S. economy, twice as much as other advanced nations

The US ranks #1 in health care spending but 39th for infant mortality and 36th for life expectancy

A knee replacement costs an average of $26,000 in the US, but just $8,500 in Sweden

Over 400,000 deaths are related to avoidable healthcare errors

In the U.S., the average cost for a day in the hospital is about $4,200 compared to $850 in France

It costs an average of $10,000 for a normal birth in a hospital in the U.S., but only around $2,600 in the U.K.

In 2013, the average cost of care for a family of four was $22,030

75% of health care dollars are spent on patients with chronic conditions, many of which are preventable

62% of bankruptcy filings in the US in 2007 were due to illness or medical bills

Americans spend $947 per capita on prescriptions, Australians $503, Canadians $692

Bypass surgery, including hospital and physician expenses, averages $73,420 in the US and $14,117 in the UK