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INQUIREhealthcare is here to provide a single point of contact for the growing body of advocacy of healthcare quality, cost and safety information. We’re working to make this data easily available, easy to understand, and easy to use – and to spotlight other local and national care resources that can benefit you and your family.

As an independent nonprofit, our information is free, objective and trustworthy. Providers can’t pay to receive high ratings on our site, unlike many other sites today. The Clinician Search Engine quality information and ratings standards were derived from databases including the National Provider Identifier (NPI), Recognition Data Exchange (RDE) and Bridges to Excellence® (BTE) program. We are continually looking to add more data as it becomes available.

We have two key goals. First, we want to help you seek care with confidence and make informed treatment decisions. Second, we want to unleash the power of the American consumer-patient to drive positive change across the healthcare system. In this effort, we are working to promote transparent information that helps all Americans compare doctors and hospitals, reward the best performers, and use the power of the market to improve quality.

INQUIREhealthcare is a brand of Altarum. Altarum is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve healthcare quality and value with evidence-based incentive programs, payment reform initiatives, and patient activation tools. The organization has created a broad range of programs to:

  • - Measure and report health outcomes
  • - Reduce preventable care defects
  • - Promote a team-based approach to caring for patients
  • - Realign provider payment incentives around quality
  • - Reward excellence wherever we find it

These programs include:

Bridges to Excellence® (BTE): A family of programs to reward Recognized physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who meet certain performance measures.

 PROMETHEUS Payment®: A compensation approach based on medical episodes of care that provides a fair and realistic blueprint for true payment reform.
Bridges to Excellence® was founded in 2003, and later merged with PROMETHEUS Payment®.

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