A Long and Difficult Process

January 13, 2014

Change to an established and large institution is a long and difficult process. Think about the American Revolution. A small, but able group of passionate visionaries started a small movement in their towns and cities that grew to a unified fight against a powerful establishment. It wasn't an easy or short fight, but in the end, a new nation was born and those who it was affecting most changed the status quo: the American people.

Fighting for healthcare reform, while very different from the tragedies of a physical war, has similar beginnings. It is the American people who need to put pressure on the government in order to facilitate change. Where does this pressure begin? On your own street. It starts small and grows into a national movement because as more and more people see how unfair the current system is, they too join in and spread that message into their own communities and demand transformation.

It is no secret that there are major issues with our current healthcare system: high costs sending people into bankruptcy, medical errors causing harm or death due to low quality care and lack of publishing pricing hindering informed health decision to name a few.

That is the bad news. The good news is this all can change. It won't be easy and will take time, but it can happen with your help.

There are two main roles on can play:

  1. Be a revolutionary and start a movement in your local area
  2. Stand back and do nothing