Heads or Tails...

August 29, 2014

Does this cartoon hit close to home? Sometimes, when we go in for a doctor’s visit, it can feel a little bit like flipping a coin to determine the best course of action for your health.

While your doctor has spent countless hours training and researching, every patient is different and they rely on information from you to help them understand and determine what state your health is in. Leaving out what seems like minor details can often be the determining factor over whether you simply need that baby aspirin or something more, like surgery as the cartoon states.

We often talk about taking health into your own hands and becoming engaged. This cartoon actually demonstrates that by understanding your body, researching and asking questions, your involvement in the relationship with your doctor could actually be the difference between $8 bottle of Tylenol or the $100,000 invasive surgery.

So how can you prepare yourself for your next visit? There are many organizations and health systems that outline good starting points such as questions to ask during your visit. The sites listed below do a great job of providing questions, tips on how to prepare and even what to do after your visit.

Cleveland Clinic - Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Medicine Net - Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - Patient Involvement

While these are by no means complete lists, they give some great insight on how important it is to engage yourself in conversations with your doctor.

What other questions would you include on these lists? Let us know by telling us on Twitter or Facebook!