Illuminating Healthcare Pricings: Organizations to Watch

October 10, 2014

Illuminating Healthcare Prices: Organizations to Watch

Health care costs are increasing, but many of us have no idea what we'll pay for health care services until the bill comes. Recently, George Washington University's online master of public health program, MPH@GW, created Illuminating Health Care Prices: Organizations to Watch to help recognize organizations that are dedicated to answering this complicated question.

The project profiles 14 organizations, including our parent organization, the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute (HCI3), who are helping to achieve greater health care price transparency through various initiatives, resources and tools. Some have created tools that help consumers select providers based on price and quality while others, like the American Board of Internal Medicine's (ABIM) Choosing Wisely campaign, pave the way for open, productive communication between doctors and patients about pricing. Many of those profiled work together to achieve different parts of the same goal.

Read on to learn more about the organizations and influencers who are helping consumer-patients, like you, to navigate, understand and uncloak this complex side of our health care system.

Health care costs have increased three times faster than wages over the past decade. Just like any marketplace, prices for medical procedures…