Infographic: The 7 Cities with the Highest Hospital Readmission Rates in the U.S.

November 7, 2014

In the unfortunate event that one needs to go to the hospital, the end goal is to not need to make an unplanned return visit. A few different issues can cause unplanned readmissions such as lack of access to proper follow-up care, but it could also be a sign of not getting the proper care that was needed.

An analysis by the Kaiser Health News found that seven cities in the U.S. have higher readmission rates than that of the national average. Not necessarily the best news for patients of these hospitals.

Click the image below, created by Becker’s Hospital Review, to view the whole list of cities and hospitals:

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Next post, we will talk more about hospital quality and ways as a consumer-patient, you can identify which hospital is best for you.