Demand to Let Medicare Use Its Full Purchasing Power

The program has the power to drive down costs. It must be free to use it.

The Medicare program, controlled by the federal government, is the country’s largest purchaser of healthcare services. Yet, in critical ways, Medicare is prohibited from using its purchasing power. For example, Medicare cannot negotiate directly with drug companies over prices, or use competitive bidding for many services and supplies. This results in higher costs for everyone – not just those on Medicare.

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Today, you can't afford to be a passive consumer of medical services. You need to make smart choices and be a strong advocate for yourself and your loved ones. After all, you are the best activist for yourself! In this section, you can learn how to be an active and informed participant in your care.

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Our parent organization, the Altarum, has developed scorecards around issues such as physician quality transparency and cost transparency. The goal is to make this kind of information easy to access and use, since most healthcare providers do not offer this data willingly. After all, lack of transparency is the reason so many patients today are experiencing issues with our healthcare system!

Price Transparency And Physician Quality Report Card 2017