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We know finding quality care isn't always an easy task. Researching local providers can be a daunting task so INQUIREhealthcare provides an easy-to-use tool to find doctors, nurses and others who have demonstrated excellence in their fields, in part by focusing on the quality, not quantity, of care. Start with our easy-to-use clinician search tool and check out any additional resources available in your area.

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Locate clinicians in your area who have demonstrated higher quality care as compared to national standards of quality and cost. In collaboration with The Leapfrog Group, we’ve developed a search engine to find doctors, nurses and hospitals that are recognized nationally for conditions such as diabetes, cardiac care, hypertension, heart failure, coronary heart disease, COPD, asthma, and digestive health, hospital patient safety and more. The more stars you see, the better quality care standards you can expect. Just enter your location and health topic.

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Over the past few years, some great organizations have come along to help you be a more informed and empowered healthcare consumer. For example, they can help you determine the costs of your care, find safety information on local hospitals, collaborate more closely with your doctors, and more. Check out these organizations that are doing important work to help consumer-patients gain more control over their care and their costs.


Check Your State

Healthcare rules and resources vary widely across the country, so it’s important to understand what’s happening in your state. You may be able to access objective information about the quality of care available in your community, or even state-specific price information by plan and procedure. Many resources at the state level are helping to bring quality care resources to residents.

Price Transparency And Physician Quality Report Card 2017