Join the Fight

When it comes to healthcare, no country spends more than the U.S. or gets less value in return. It’s time to say no to the status quo, and mobilize for a new national project: fixing our system once and for all. Join the fight to bring about change, because this is the fight we can’t afford to lose.

Choose Your Battle

Problems with the US healthcare system can’t be pinpointed to just one and it can be overwhelming when you read about how many issues need addressing. Highlighted here are some of the most important issues affecting consumer-patients today. Add your voice to the campaigns being waged across the country, or start one in your state. We have even have draft legislation that can be introduced in state houses all around the country. And we need concerned citizens to help advance the cause.

Contact Congress

Change to our healthcare system starts with you. But it is our legislators that need to produce new regulations to facilitate the change we so badly need. The pressure to create these laws comes straight from the American people. Find your state below to get contact information for your local officials and let them know that its time to do what is right and bring about a new healthcare reform movement.

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